Friday, 23 April 2010

The Imperial city of Imdor

The city of Imdor is one of the smaller imperial cities to be found on the planet, the city was founded in 2219 by 15 families of pensioned soldiers. These soldiers were given plots of ground to start a peaceful new life on the red planet by the emperor himself!

Once arrived on their new homeland, they started to built humble houses. With almost no support of the empire, their existence was hard. Supplies were only arriving once in 6 months, with this insufficient flow of necessary materials and food. Because of the need of food, the settlers were forced to work as workers on large plantation farms own by Kultheans. But luckily the Kultheans are known to be friends of the Empire and are great admirers of the Imperial army.

Some of the pensioned soldiers were training local Kultheans warlord armies which were used to defend the huge plantation farms. In exchange they received small plots of plantation farms, that they could use to farm food.

With this new source of food, life was becoming more easy and the settlers now focused on forging alliances with other small colonies in their environment. One of them were the Kultheans others were Caladans, Tulain and Helghan. These alliances were approved by the Imperial counsel in order to strengthen the Imperial influence on the Globan rich planet.

“In the years following several accidents occurred in which allies fought each other. The most known battle was the one that happened in the year 2222 during the “Dark times”. The Imperial settlers were pumping up water in Tulain territory , when a Tulain village chief heard that their water sources were exploited. He mounted his warriors in a furious rage and attacked the intruders, not aware of their Imperial origin. Many of the settlers were slaughtered and some of them were sold as slaves to the Kultheans. And when the news reached Imdor, the colonists gathered a small army and raided several Tulain villages. Because of the gigantic ash clouds, communication with Imperial planets and the emperor was impossible (otherwise he would have contacted the Tulain for an explanation and they could explained their misunderstanding).

With no further instructions of the emperor, the war between the Tulain and the Imperial colonists continued for another 7 months. At that time the Tulain population was reduced from 7400 men to 1400, Tulain cities were destroyed and the Tulain were forced to a nomadic existence.

When communication was restored, the emperor contacted the Tulain and explained the entire misunderstanding. The Tulain understood the problem and apologized for the 560 killed colonists, the emperor accepted the apologizes and offered his. He also offered a sum of Ω 250 000 000 and a massive herd of Tulip (app. 3500 animals).” Rephrased paragraphs from the Annals of the Empire part IX, 2222

But after the “Dark Times” Imdor thrived and continued to grow. The population of Imdor reached a population of 4890 inhabitants and the city’s controlled Imperial way of life inspired many others colonists to live in the relative secure city of Imdor.

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