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T’OTAL is one of surviving Fuel Boarz bases left on the red planet during the year 2224. The base is build around an abandoned Imperial oil installation. The base is situated in the middle wastelands and is difficult to reach without a good chain of supply points for this reason the base has never been attacked by organized forces. But mutants are a constant threat for the Boarz however the mutants are slow and not very intelligent. They often gather in immense hordes in search of fresh food. The main occupation of the Fuel Boarz is to raid waiting Imperial oil tankers near large spaceports such as Colimn with the purpose of selling the oil on the black market.

The Fuel Boarz clan exist out of 63 priviliged members. Each priviliged member of the clan controls dozens or even hundreds of illegal merchants. This network of dealers supplies the clan with money, manpower and new sources of oil.

The base of of T'OTAL has immense oil supplies which can heavily influence the oil price on the planet when all sold at the same time. The estimated amount of oil is 750 000 liters with a value of Ω 18 750 000! With all these oil in their possesion, the Boarz are one of the main consumers of oil, their immense tankers are equipped with large engines of which some can reach speeds of 100 kilometers an hour!

Because of the need of oil the Roamers are allied with the Boarz offering them food and man power in times of need. The relation between these factions is friendly and often large amounts of oil exchanged at a lower rate. The Fuel Boarz also forged an alliance with the Free Cities of Oblast and Novo Nivilis in an attempt to compete with the Empire's presence on the Red Planet.

But with the constant raids on their tankers, the Empire has declared the Boarz clan as enemy’s of the state. With these words, every Imperial commander has the task to execute every captured Boarz and discovered illegal oil supplies are confiscated. Every colonist who can tell the location of an illegal oil supply or can tell the location of a Boarz convoy receives a bounty of Ω 1000 for each captured or killed Boarz and a sum of Ω 15 for each liter of oil found!

Faced with this new threat the Boarz also took new measures, every colonist who can show a decapitated head of an Imperial soldier and his ID tag receives a sum of Ω 1500! Since the news has spread the death rate among imperial soldiers on the planet has increased with 17%.

With the increasing tensions between the powerful Empire and the wealthy Boarz, the fuel wars are imminent.

The ever moving cities

Moving cities are a common thing on the red planet, entire cities who can move on every moment. The people who inhabit these cities are called “roamers” by the settlers. The roamers travel across the entire red planet in search of new resources and new lands to inhabit. The largest of these cities house hundreds of people and exists of dozens of vehicles ranging from bikes and quads to cabs and trucks.

Many of these vehicles are scavenged from the great dumps outside the Imperial cities. However parts and fuel are scarce and there for expensive, many of the roamers are experienced metalworkers. Because of the scarcity of fuel many of the vehicles from the ever moving cities are fueled with alternative energy sources such as wind, solar power, …

The roamers are a mix of different races and ethnic groups but with one common will: the will to travel. But the life of the roamer communities is harsh, constant threats from creatures of the wasteland, other scum, shortages of water and food. The lack of food and water is a constant threat for the roamers who are not able to grow enough food for their entire convoys and are obliged to trade with other colonies and cities.

However some clever roamers have invented a new type of roamer vehicle: moving farms. These vehicles can have all sizes but have sometimes the size of 2 trucks! These vehicles are filled with earth on which crops can grow and which are heavily armed. But these moving farms aren’t fast and the traveling time of the convoys has critically increased during the last 5 years. With the heavy vehicles slowing down the convoy and the amount of food on these vehicles. Because of these reasons, farms are often the first targets of enemies and for that reason they are heavily protected and are always accompanied by several heavily armed trucks and quads.

Many of the other vehicles are lightly build but stowed with huge amounts of material and trading goods. Roamers on bikes and quads are scouting a head of the convoys in search of easy routes and sources of uncontaminated water. These scouts are the eyes and ears of the moving cities moving a head of the convoys they interrogate colonists about criminal activity and new opportunities. The scouts are often armed with scoped rifles, binoculars and radios (often they use pigeons) and are expected to survive 5 days without the support of the convoy.

Because of the constant moving these cities aren’t found on any map and their travelling routes are only know by the scouts and leaders of the convoys.

The Imperial city of Imdor

The city of Imdor is one of the smaller imperial cities to be found on the planet, the city was founded in 2219 by 15 families of pensioned soldiers. These soldiers were given plots of ground to start a peaceful new life on the red planet by the emperor himself!

Once arrived on their new homeland, they started to built humble houses. With almost no support of the empire, their existence was hard. Supplies were only arriving once in 6 months, with this insufficient flow of necessary materials and food. Because of the need of food, the settlers were forced to work as workers on large plantation farms own by Kultheans. But luckily the Kultheans are known to be friends of the Empire and are great admirers of the Imperial army.

Some of the pensioned soldiers were training local Kultheans warlord armies which were used to defend the huge plantation farms. In exchange they received small plots of plantation farms, that they could use to farm food.

With this new source of food, life was becoming more easy and the settlers now focused on forging alliances with other small colonies in their environment. One of them were the Kultheans others were Caladans, Tulain and Helghan. These alliances were approved by the Imperial counsel in order to strengthen the Imperial influence on the Globan rich planet.

“In the years following several accidents occurred in which allies fought each other. The most known battle was the one that happened in the year 2222 during the “Dark times”. The Imperial settlers were pumping up water in Tulain territory , when a Tulain village chief heard that their water sources were exploited. He mounted his warriors in a furious rage and attacked the intruders, not aware of their Imperial origin. Many of the settlers were slaughtered and some of them were sold as slaves to the Kultheans. And when the news reached Imdor, the colonists gathered a small army and raided several Tulain villages. Because of the gigantic ash clouds, communication with Imperial planets and the emperor was impossible (otherwise he would have contacted the Tulain for an explanation and they could explained their misunderstanding).

With no further instructions of the emperor, the war between the Tulain and the Imperial colonists continued for another 7 months. At that time the Tulain population was reduced from 7400 men to 1400, Tulain cities were destroyed and the Tulain were forced to a nomadic existence.

When communication was restored, the emperor contacted the Tulain and explained the entire misunderstanding. The Tulain understood the problem and apologized for the 560 killed colonists, the emperor accepted the apologizes and offered his. He also offered a sum of Ω 250 000 000 and a massive herd of Tulip (app. 3500 animals).” Rephrased paragraphs from the Annals of the Empire part IX, 2222

But after the “Dark Times” Imdor thrived and continued to grow. The population of Imdor reached a population of 4890 inhabitants and the city’s controlled Imperial way of life inspired many others colonists to live in the relative secure city of Imdor.

The Imperial city of Relic

The city of Relic is one of the larger cities to be found on the planet, the city was founded in 2218 by hundreds of settlers. These settlers were mostly farmers and other artisans from the planets of Antar, Maijpoor and Twinsun but life for these settlers wasn’t so hard as for the hundreds of other newly arrived colonists. Greats parts of the city were prefabricated on the industrial planets of the New Terra Forma and shipped to the red planets by convoys of hired cargo ships and accompanied by several cruisers of the serpent-class.

Arrived on the planet, the cargo liners dropped the prefabricated houses, bars and even entire industry zones onto the planet’s surface. On the other hand the warships and their crew were building the city’s defense systems, a network of trenches, walls and turrets. When this fleet left during the year of 2217, they left an entire city ready to be inhabited and a small police and military force equipped with the latest weapon technologies.

With the arrival of convoy B, the city was quickly inhabited by 441 colonists. Protected by the military force and the state of the art defense perimeters, gangs and mutants were unlikely to be able to breach the perimeters. And so the city boomed, hundreds of new authorized citizens were arriving and were friendly welcomed into the city’s inner walls. But with the boom, hundreds of unauthorized settlers were also arriving. These settlers were unable to obtain a Imperial Entry Card were not allowed within the city and were stranded outside the walls. With no future and all of their money invested in the journey toward the city. They decided to built their houses outside Relic and so the great shanties were founded, these shanties were quickly expanding because of a shortage of IEC’s. Prices of these IEC’s were raising on the black markets some of those for the second department were sold for Ω 5000 a piece!

Most of these shanties are controlled by gangs of mutants and criminals but some parts are managed by the inhabitants themselves divided in 5 militias. They control their homes and shops but gangs are luring and always on the lookout to breach their defenses.

However the city of Relic was originally built for 5000 inhabitants, the total number of them in 2222 was 6742. The 5 city parts were overcrowded and were becoming too unhygienic and dangerous to live in.

Department 1: colonists from Maijpoor mainly artisans and farmers.

Department 2: colonists from Twinsun and Antar mainly farmers.

Department 3: colonists from Earth mainly merchants.

Department 4: colonists from Ryo Grande and Ishtar mainly factory workers.

Department 5: the city’s governmental district

Department 6: colonists from Thribb, Trafalmadore, Melmac and Troas.

So Relic’s council decided to build a new city part, this new part would contain 3500 homes and would also be the most defended part of the city. In case of any breached the entire population could fled into this citadel. The new part of the city was finished in 2225 and was called department 6. The new population in 2225 was 15 000 inhabitants with this number reached no new colonists were allowed. The estimated population of the great shanties was 35 000!

In 2225 civil unrests rose because of new and harder measures against the shanties, hundreds of shanty-houses were destroyed in order to build a new spaceport. With this news reaching the 5 militias and their families, the militias decided to ask the gangs of mutants and criminals for armistice.

The mutants and criminals agreed and were allowed to sack the city parts 3, 4 and 5 when the city’s walls were breached. Preparations were made, Some engineers from Holmgard housed in the shanties were building a large bore machine, able to drill through 15 meters of armed concrete! Militiamen were building thousands of small computerized anti-air craft guns and were buying large amounts of weapons and ammo from alien dealers. Gangs and other criminals were gathering scum from across to galaxy to storm Relic.

A week later the anti-air craft emplacements were put into action, no spaceship could enter Relic and his spaceport without severe damage. Large numbers of cargo liners and troop transporters were lost, stocks of food and many other needed materials were dwindling. The police and military force were unable to protect the city on their own. So a Relic militia was formed, each of the 5 colonist departments must recruit 450 men.

The attack followed soon but was a big disaster for the shanty town forces, in their first attempt hundreds of them died due to mines and precise machinegun emplacements. In the second and largest attack the giant bore machine was unable to breach the city’s wall and hundreds of men were killed, thousands were wounded and mutilated. In last desperate attack, militiamen were able to reach the walls and plant a flag onto one of the guard towers but luck was short lived, a fierce counterattack forced the brave 82 men to retreat.

The city of Relic survived the initial attack but more would follow soon, hundreds of new unauthorized colonists were arriving in the shanties each day.

The mining colony of Holmgard

Holmgard is one of the many civilian mining colonies who are scattered across the red planet. The colony is inhabited by miners and their families from across the galaxy but many of them are originated from Halvmörk and Izm. These planets once the main suppliers of ore and other precious metals were mined until the entire planets resources were exhausted. Because of this reason many of the experienced miners and their families left their home planets in search of new resources and work. Plenty of work can be found on the relative unknown and desolate Red Planet however the life is hard and dangerous.

The mining colony of Holmgard is part of a mining union who controls large parts of the galaxy’s mining industries. The union called “FOMAM” Federation of Miners and metalworkers represents thousands of miners and metalworkers all over the galaxy.

FOMAM’s task is to control production and take care of the miners and their family. Taking care for the families on the red planet isn’t cheap, hundreds of mercenaries are hired to protect vital parts of the industry and the mining colonies. But money isn’t a problem as the ore and metal the miners mine are valuable and scarce. Especially the sort of metals found on the red planet are worth the pain, the recently discovered “Globan” is worth Ω 150 000/ kg! A ordinary miner on the red planet gains Ω 23 a day!

The colony of Holmgard was founded by Pjotr Dbrunovik, a well-known engineer from the outer rims of Izm in 2216. He and his family were chosen to found a new mining settlement on the red planet together with a dozen of other families. The beginning was hard: scavengers, mutants and other creatures of the depths were plaguing the harmless miners. In the first month 5 miners and 12 other colonists were killed or wounded but each month new colonists were arriving in search of wealth and a better future.

7 years after the foundation, Globan was found on a depth of 621 meters below the red planet’s surface. The total number of colonists at that moment was only 150 but with the news of large amounts of Globan spread across the galaxy, colonists arrived with hundreds. The once most desolate mining colony of the FOMAM was booming but the luck was not long lived. Gangs and mutants also heard the news and were gathering to loot and sack the entire region of Holmgard, life for the settlers was becoming harder and harder. Many of them left Holmgard and founded other colonies across the red planet.

The few hundred miners left protected by a small army of mercenaries and militiamen, mined deeper and deeper in search of more scarce Globan. The price of the metal rose to Ω 350 000/ kg and FOMAM decided that all the Globan left on the planet was property of the union. Every gram of Globan leaving the planets was marked and controlled by the union.

New and bigger mining colonies were built and were heavily protected and named “X-001” and following. The resources in the mines near Holmgard were decreasing and the FOMAM decided to retreat their mercenary guards. After being the leader in Globan production, Holmgard became an ordinary small mining colony left for death by the capitalistic FOMAM. The now harmful colony was declared an easy target by the mutants and other creatures from the wastelands.

Total population left: 42

The start ...

"The year 2225 in the far future several planets has been colonized by earth. Some has been colonized by civilians, others by miners searching for rare metals and gasses. But the most harsh planets of the galaxy are used as prisons, stretched across several planets hundreds of penal colonies are build. Most of the prisons are based on icy and desert planets were the prisonners are forced to work in mines or are condemned to recycle the huge piles of waste which ships from earth dropped on the planets.

The smallest of these colonies houses 250 prisoners and the largest penalty colony has a population of 20 000 prisoners. Most of the prisoners are criminals of planet earth but some of them are inhabitants of other galaxies.

With no future within the harsh penalty colonies many inmates escape, ...

But life outside the colonies is even harsher, mob bosses have gathered gangs of harded criminals, Alien merchants and scavengers are roaming the plains in search of slaves or usable materials, ...

Only when you are accepted into a clan you make a chance to survive on these harsh planets!"