Friday, 23 April 2010


T’OTAL is one of surviving Fuel Boarz bases left on the red planet during the year 2224. The base is build around an abandoned Imperial oil installation. The base is situated in the middle wastelands and is difficult to reach without a good chain of supply points for this reason the base has never been attacked by organized forces. But mutants are a constant threat for the Boarz however the mutants are slow and not very intelligent. They often gather in immense hordes in search of fresh food. The main occupation of the Fuel Boarz is to raid waiting Imperial oil tankers near large spaceports such as Colimn with the purpose of selling the oil on the black market.

The Fuel Boarz clan exist out of 63 priviliged members. Each priviliged member of the clan controls dozens or even hundreds of illegal merchants. This network of dealers supplies the clan with money, manpower and new sources of oil.

The base of of T'OTAL has immense oil supplies which can heavily influence the oil price on the planet when all sold at the same time. The estimated amount of oil is 750 000 liters with a value of Ω 18 750 000! With all these oil in their possesion, the Boarz are one of the main consumers of oil, their immense tankers are equipped with large engines of which some can reach speeds of 100 kilometers an hour!

Because of the need of oil the Roamers are allied with the Boarz offering them food and man power in times of need. The relation between these factions is friendly and often large amounts of oil exchanged at a lower rate. The Fuel Boarz also forged an alliance with the Free Cities of Oblast and Novo Nivilis in an attempt to compete with the Empire's presence on the Red Planet.

But with the constant raids on their tankers, the Empire has declared the Boarz clan as enemy’s of the state. With these words, every Imperial commander has the task to execute every captured Boarz and discovered illegal oil supplies are confiscated. Every colonist who can tell the location of an illegal oil supply or can tell the location of a Boarz convoy receives a bounty of Ω 1000 for each captured or killed Boarz and a sum of Ω 15 for each liter of oil found!

Faced with this new threat the Boarz also took new measures, every colonist who can show a decapitated head of an Imperial soldier and his ID tag receives a sum of Ω 1500! Since the news has spread the death rate among imperial soldiers on the planet has increased with 17%.

With the increasing tensions between the powerful Empire and the wealthy Boarz, the fuel wars are imminent.

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