Sunday, 10 October 2010

The currency of the red planet and most of the known galaxy

The most common currency in 2225 is the Ω, used in thousands of solar systems and praised by intergalactic merchants. The Ω was introduced in 2185 by the director of the Imperial banks, lord Rothschild and was introduced throughout the Imperial world and became more common outside the Empire in 2192.

The Ω boosted the economy and colonization, in the years following the introduction of the currency. Thousands of planets were colonized and many others inhabited worlds were invaded. Wealth throughout the galaxy rose when Rothschild decided to give every authorized citizen of the Empire and friendly nations a sum of Ω 150.

But what can you buy with the money, how long do you have to work to buy things or travel to new places?

Ω 0,4 Price for 0.5 liter of aqua ( known on earth as “water”)

Ω 0,5 Price for a pint of beer at Holmgard’s bar.

Ω 0,95 Intergalactic set price for a bread 350 grams.

Ω 7,5 Price for 175 grams beef from Maijpoor and Earth.

Ω 6 Price for 0.5 kg of on the planet grown vegetables.

Ω 15 Price for a kilogram of scrap metal.

Ω 23 Salary for a miner for each worked day on the red planet.

Ω 25 Black market price for a liter of fuel.

Ω 35 Salary for a chief miner for each day worked on the red planet.

Ω 50 Salary for a mercenary for each worked day on the red planet.

Ω 100 Average electricity cost for a family on the red planet month.

Ω 175 Salary for an engineer in the Globan mines.

Ω 400 Rent for a miners housing on the red planet a month.

Ω 600 Rent for a citizen housing in Relic on the red planet a month.

Ω 4500 Price for a miners house on the red planet (entire pay once)

Ω 5000 Black market price of an IEC for the Imperial city of Relic.

Ω 7450 Price for a citizen house in Relic on the red planet (entire pay once)

Ω 350 000 Price for a kilogram of Globan

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